Friday, January 29, 2010

Rented A Car

I rented a car for the weekend... a KIA. I wanted to get some bigger errands run. I use Enterprise because they will pick me up at my house. I have rented from them about once a month since I sold the Element. If I have a photography shoot, I rent a car as most of my jobs have been in the Inland Empire or Los Angeles or even further north. Austin and I were driving and I had the experience of CAR SEDUCTION. Cars are powerful and give the driver a sense of freedom. Car Seduction is the reason it will be a long hard withdrawal from the automobile as a major means of transportation. Car Seduction is not as potent when I am riding with my DAD in his Saturn. I am not exactly sure why that is, maybe because it is a bare bones kind of car... a 5 speed, 4 cylinder engine that gets better gas mileage than a Prius. So I am not Sans Automobile this weekend. What was up with Enterprise and the brown wrapping paper on the car?

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J said...

The Prius gets 51 mpg hwy and 60 mpg city.