Friday, January 22, 2010

Wet Weather and More

This is the second hail storm in 2 days. This hail was white, the hail yesterday was clear and looked more like little ice cubes. Lisa's yard flooded and some water flowed into her house. A concrete swale got blocked up and the water poured down the hill in her backyard. We worked frantically to dig a trench and divert the water away from the house. While trying to find the best place to divert the water, we found that another neighbor's yard had also flooded. We worked for nearly two hours and I was completely drenched and cold. I have a rain gauge in my yard and the cumulative total for the week of storms in now nearly 6.5 inches.

I did not ride the bicycle today. It was cold, so I shopped with my Dad who is also my neighbor. He drives a very efficient Saturn.

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