Saturday, January 16, 2010

Watching Laundry Dry

Part of not owning a car is about slowing down. Our culture lives life at a frenetic pace, and even admires those who maintain that pace. I am enjoying expending my own energy to reduce consumption of energy produced by a power plant. A dryer is an appliance that sucks a lot of energy.

The photo on the top is the way I "hung" my laundry at first. I just threw it over the line. I was bothered that hanging it was taking more time than using the dryer. My attempts at speeding up the process by chucking the clothes onto the line were not too satisfying. The bottom photo shows how I hang it now. I have more clothes pins and I take a bit of pride in hanging it. I made a taller pole for lifting the line. When I was growing up, clothes lines were around... my grandmother had one on her porch. I remember somewhere, some one's yard, running between bed sheets hung on several lines in a row. I love the smell of laundry dried in the sun.

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