Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Injured Thumb

I jammed my thumb Saturday and am so bummed, mad, hobbled, etc. I tried to stop a 110 pound black lab from running away. Silly me. Dogs will run. He bounded toward me and I put my hands out at chest level to grab his collar. My thumb took the full impact. My thumb made a weird popping noise later when I pulled on it. Lesson learned is; let a dog go... especially a big one, a dog will do dog things like run and there is no stopping it.

Fortunately, it is my left hand because I am right-handed. This is not my x-ray, I just thought it looked cool. The bruising covers more than half my palm now and around the thumb. I am guessing that the recovery will be about 6 weeks give or take. I am not sure when I will be able to get on the bicycle again. I walked to the post office and found that crossing over 10 lanes of freeway to be very unpleasant. It is much better to get across that overpass quickly.

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