Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking for shortcuts

I walked about 3 miles today with my neighbor Lisa and her 2 dogs. We found a second path that leads to Rancho Bernardo (our suburban town to the north). I have been scouting a route to ride my bicycle to Jimbo's , an organic and natural foods grocery store in Rancho Bernardo. I estimate the ride will be about 7 miles round trip with a couple of big hills as well as some riding on heavy traffic streets. Driving a car to Jimbo's would be about 10 miles round trip including a few miles on the 15. The green circles on the map show the 2 shortcuts paths from Rancho Penasquitos to Rancho Bernardo and the red is the route we will ride to Jimbo's on Friday. Without the shorcut, the ride would be nearly double the distance. I will wear the Helmet Cam to collect video. I have been collecting video footage since July 2008 of my many bicycle rides. Look for postings soon.

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