Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pasadena, Disney Hall and Watts Towers

I took a road trip to Pasadena to pick up a computer, an iMac Friday. You might wonder how this sansautomobile blog seems to have a fair amount of automobile travel. My PC has been on the decline for quite some time. I dumped $300 into it this past summer. That was pretty much a waste. I have been meaning to return to Apple and now I have. I feel that I am one step closer to processing the Helmet Cam footage I have been collecting for a year and a half. I need one more cable, as the iMac Firewire is different than the PC Firewire. I have Final Cut Pro installed.

After picking up the computer, we drove to the Disney Concert Hall and walked around paying homage to Frank Ghery and his sculpture project which took 16 years to complete and required over 30,000 architectural drawings. Our next stop was Watts Towers, a project on the other end of the design spectrum. The Towers are the result of the efforts and ideas of one man, Simon Rodia, an Italian immigrant. He used found objects and spent 30 years building the towers. Both structures are the result of a visionary idea and intense passion and the desire create a monument. Rodia said " I set out to do something big and I did."

Los Angeles is Mecca for the automobile. No other city in the world is as dependent on and is as defined by the automobile. It was rainy and gray and there is an endless line of cars.

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