Saturday, February 13, 2010

Helmet Cam Footage on Youtube

I have finally gotten the correct cable and a capable computer. I transferred one DV tape with 51 minutes of HELMET CAM footage today. I used iMovie even though I have Final Cut Pro. The results are interesting. This is a starting point and I am happy that the process is working. Hopefully I can find someone to edit the footage at a later date. Until then, I will work with the program and learn as much as I can. I just wanted to get some footage up, so do not judge this little clip too harshly. This was a trip to Jimbo's Natural Food Store in Rancho Bernard a few weeks ago. We used a short cut we had found. Speaking of short cuts, I used Google Maps Friday and noticed that there is a directions for walking route feature. But it does not locate or use shortcuts that are not roads. Shortcuts would be very useful.

The youtube link is

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there's an app for that...