Sunday, March 28, 2010

Small things can make a big difference SALT

A 3-gram daily salt reduction per person would lower annual cases of heart disease and stroke by about one-third, according to an analysis published recently in The New England Journal of Medicine. One-half teaspoon does not seem like much to me. And the study estimated that "consuming just half a teaspoon less salt each day may save as many as 92,000 US deaths and as much as $24 billion in medical costs a year." Here is the article from the Boston Globe.

It seems that this is a reasonably easy goal to accomplish. If food manufacturers across the board would reduce the amount of salt in their products, bingo, healthier Americans. If we as consumers buy reduced salt products, we are on the road to substantial savings in health care costs and a better and longer life. Small changes can have big results. A little less salt, a little more biking or walking, a little less car driving, and we are on a way to a healthier planet and a healthier population. Except for the additional label reading for salt content, I am sure that I would not notice a reduction in flavor by reducing salt.

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